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Dean: Press

Greetings Dean,
I have listened to your CDs and for once can tell a musical artist that I really
like and appreciate the music that they have created. I really enjoyed your company
on the Ghost Whisperer, and hope that you are doing well.

Best regards,
Ray "The Pajama Man" Essler
Ray Essler - Ray Essler (Nov 15, 2008)
Dean Acevedo has released his first (but surely not his last) CD entitled 'Dean - just another dude from Montebello (East of E.L.A.)', which contains only five songs. But what songs they are! Dean starts off with 'Girl U Drive Me Crazy', featuring a great pop/rock beat with great harmonica parts scattered throughout, not to mention a killer, rocking guitar break, and lyrics like "I'm going looney, looney tooney, like a little kid....". This leads into a lovely song, 'Hold On Child (Your Daddy's Coming Home)', which also contains an amazing guitar break and beautifully written lyrics, "Your Daddy's coming home tomorrow, he'll make everything all right. Little girls shouldn't cry, they should laugh and sing and play. Your Daddy knows that this is true, but he can't be here with you today." From here we hop straight to Dean's Mexican roots with this reviewer's personal favorite 'Como Friegas Mujer', a totally irreverent, wonderfully written and produced totally Hispanic style song with fantastic accordian and lyrics like "Como chingas mi amor. Dejamen paz por favor. You know I love you, but, hey, there's just so much I can take!". Now we go country with 'Jail For Christmas'. This is a great song! Slide guitar dominates this tune, "I'm in jail for Christmas. I guess I screwed up once again. I feel so bad and so darn lonely. I miss my family and my friends." And Dean ends with 'She Talks Incessantly', ending with the same pop/rock attitude he started with. All in all, this reviewer thinks Dean Acevedo has done a wonderful job showing his many talents, his big, clear voice, incredible guitar playing, and production talents are all extremely obvious in this great debut CD. I see wonderful things for Dean Acevedo in the very near future!
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I was very impressed with this cd and the music, i would buy another by this artist
Terry Mann - Review by CD Baby customer
Dean Acevedo puts a hooky pop slant onto Tex-Mex music. The Tex-Mex stylings are more subtle on "Girl You Drive Me Crazy" enhancing the groove which has a more alt-folk rock feel. The classic Tejano sound comes more to the forefront on "Como Friegas Mujer" and "Jail for Christmas" is a more country beerhall ballad. Add to this Dean's mournful voice and his darkly humorous words and if these five songs are any indication, he is someone to watch out for.
Chicali is a delightful listen. I enjoyed the albums' eccletic blend of styles. The songs in spanglish were really great. Some songs have a fun mexican sound with amusing lyrics like Soy un Cheaple. A song all about being poor and thus frugal, but maintaining a great out look on life. Thank God for the 99 cent store. I think that's the best feeling the album gives you. Songs like Jail for Christmas and Northern California were lovely and moving. The album has a nice flow and over all you get a through line which paints the picture of a man with a very interresting life as well as a good attitude about it. Chicali is fun listening and inspiring reminds me of a road picture adventure.
Robert Babish - Robert Babish (Sep 4, 2006)
Dean Acevedo- East Los Angeles based singer/songwriter who has two CDs out on Layla Records. The first, "Just Another Dude from Montebello," and the latest, "Chicali." Some of the songs on the latter CD are comic and others are not, but my favorites are the humorous ones. The titles are self-explanatory, "Soy un Cheaple," "Jail for Christmas," and "Como Friegas Mujer." Some of his music is in the Tex Mex style, but there are songs with folk elements and even a reggae song. Dean is capably backed on the Tejano cuts by the Garza Family Band. He's received airplay on Tejano radio stations throughout the Southwest and some of his songs from his latest CD have been on the MP3.COM Tex Mex and Tejano charts
Layla Records

Mit seiner ersten CD „Just Another Dude From Montebello“ war er in den Top der Charts für mehr als ein Jahr. Jetzt mit „Chicali“ probiert er an den Erfolg anzuknüpfen. Das Album wurde schon 2003 produziert und findet jetzt den Weg Step by Step auf den europäischen Markt. Es ist eine Mischung aus mexikanischen und Country Music Einflüssen. Beinhaltet 10 Songs und hält sich stark an die traditionelle Country Music.

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